Emergency Village (EVe) is a framework for the rapid deployment of emergency aid.

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The idea behind EVe is that in an emergency, rapidly deployable pop-up collections of functional modules together provide the needs of a dislocated or dispossessed local population. This would include all necessary basics including medical supplies, food, shelter, etc.

The key to the success of EVe is that the functional modules are located within and throughout existing towns and cities. This ensures exceptionally rapid access to the resources the affected community needs both when and where they need it. No more waiting days for governments to ship in supplies from central stockpiles, with all the inherent delays involved in mobilising externally supplied emergency response teams and supply chains. These will still need to occur but the immediate response will be done locally.

The clever part is that the functional modules don't just sit unused on every street corner like unwanted steel boxes but instead form part of the community's day-to-day functioning. For example, fold-out houses on rail systems form the basic infrastructure of the local sporting field seating system when not in use. Battery storage systems help support the existing electricity grid. Mesh communication systems interface with centralised WiFi and mobile (cellular) networks.

EVe is also adaptable. Using on-the-spot manufacturing methods (such as 3D printers and rapid casting techniques), specific items of need can be created onsite without the necessary delays and poor local fit often found with centrally sourced items.

Funding will initially go towards the setting up and hosting of a website.


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