Philly Rent Fund for 2 Black Trans People

Philly Rent Fund for 2 Black Trans People - facilitated by Normin

PhillyRentFund recebe US$ 51,43 por semana de 5 patronos. Objetivo: US$ 250,00
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Hello! I recently started collecting monthly contributions from friends and family over cash handle platforms such as Venmo and PayPal in order to help pool money so we can send directly to black trans people in Philadelphia!

All the contributions made here will go towards covering the cost of rent for my friend's current roommate and new roommate as soon as possible. This idea came not too long ago when my friend was looking to house someone in the community of Philadelphia who is Lgbtq, prioritizing Black people.

The money will be sent from me receiving funds from this website to my Stripe and Paypal accounts. Then I will transfer it to their venmo/cashapp. The amount of money was decided: 425 for 1 room, 525 for the other If we go over the rent amount the rest of the money will be divided equally between the two roommates each month! I will be saving all of my receipts for transparency while still protecting everyone's privacy. To be clear I am a mod for the local Philadelphia Black LGBTQIA+ reparations group and it is our job and duty to crowdfund money to the Black Lgbtqia community. This is one of the ways in which we are paying reparations. Anyone is welcome to donate to this fund as everyone who is white or a non Black poc owes reparations to Black people in order to redistribute their wealth. Listed below is our Facebook group:


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