Marginálie / Dandylion

Creation of a creative commons samizdat 2.0 zine, Marginálie, and a protocol for same.

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I am the editor-in-chief and lead developer of Marginálie, a communitarian creative commons zine and template for others who would wish to do the same. I am actively investigating ways of re-democratising the internet using philosophy and praxis forked from both sides of the iron curtain in the 1970s, and the international free software movement of the 1990s. I am also writing a "dirty realist dystopian" series, Call Them Soldiers, about how it would look if we fail to get this right. My writings are generally open source from a certain point, and, funding-willing, will likely tend towards more open creative commons licenses meaning that at a certain stage they may be forked and developed by others.

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