A minimalist pastebin service. Includes a nice and easy Netcat and POST API, and can render Markdown

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While we're "yet another pastebin service", we're also a bit different.
We want to offer one that's extremely simple in UI, and still extensible with lots of useful features, like an API that can be used from the most obscure devices using netcat, full syntax highlighting also when writing documents, keyboard shortcuts, ANSI color code support, and so on.

Ultimately, it should be embeddable on other pages, and interact with them. Every single page that just hosts and shares text of some kind (live code preview, markdown editor, contact forms, course systems for schools and universities, ...) should be able to easily use the qbin API to practically eliminate the need for a backend.

For now, with version 2 - which will be much more consistent with a better UI concept, faster and rewritten from scratch - which will be released in a couple of weeks, and all the work we need to put into it, we'll be glad to get something back - to see that people actually use, like and want to contribute to the project, and to get a bit closer to our vision every day.


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qbin 11 Atualizado 2 anos atrás

A minimalist pastebin service. In this repository: documentation and tooling for easier development and deployment.

backend 1 Atualizado 2 anos atrás

API and webserver for a minimalist pastebin service.

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Frontend for a minimalist pastebin service.


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