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I've decided some time ago to fork perl5 to fix all the mistakes the current perl5 developers add to the codebase, and to add the missing features from perl6 over time.

This created a lot of hate and backlash, so I am now in semi-retirement mode for a few years until they will get to their senses, start reacting professionally and stop refusing to cooperate.

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smhasher 762 Atualizado há 1 semana

Hash function quality and speed tests

Cpanel-JSON-XS 28 Atualizado há 1 mês

Improved fork of JSON-XS

safeclib 112 Atualizado há 2 meses

safec libc extension with all C11 Annex K functions

re-engine-PCRE2 0 Atualizado há 9 meses

use pcre-jit instead of slow perl regex

perl-compiler 57 Atualizado há 1 ano

B::C - Moved over from googlecode

distroprefs 8 Atualizado há 2 anos

perl CPAN yml and patches


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