A proposed standard which allows websites to define security policies.

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📃 Project description

When security risks in web services are discovered by independent security researchers who understand the severity of the risk, they often lack the channels to properly disclose them. As a result, security issues may be left unreported. Security.txt defines a standard to help organizations define the process for security researchers to securely disclose security vulnerabilities.


Latest Internet Draft:

🎯 Why we need your support

Donations will be used to pay bug bounties to individuals who report valid security vulnerabilities in the security.txt project, and to cover the hosting costs.

Our ultimate goal is to collect a total of $2000 in our funding pool in order to launch the bug bounty program.

We also accept Bitcoin and ETH donations:


ETH 0xe98FC23fB4A8762d700c0354979dA5Db6c29Acc3

💫 Reward

Patrons will be listed on our bug bounty program's policy page. We will have a section with your logo/avatar and name to show our appreciation for supporting the security.txt project.


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