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I write articles for a website called "The Art Squirrel", a blog about digital art and design. The blog was created when I decided to document some of my progress and discoveries from 2016 onward. The blog focuses on my continuing journey learning 3D and practicing digital art skills.

I used to publish the articles I wrote on Medium, but in July 2020 I decided to move the content to my own website to improve accessibility for people who could not use Medium. Although this involves increased running costs for me I decided it was for the best.

I really appreciate people spreading the word about this website to like minded people and giving shout outs on social media about the website. If you find any of the articles useful please share them so others can find them as well.

Financial support will go toward the continued development of this website and my biscuit jar. I am planning a friends of the Art Squirrel page to link to people who have donated and or been really supportive so far. Many thanks.

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