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My background is in software development but most of my professional life I have spent designing, building, testing and manufacturing electronics for embedded systems as well as UAV avionics.

I am the founder of 1BitSquared, a company dedicated to open source electronics. We design and build electronics that support open source software and hardware projects. We also collaborate with open source projects to create hardware to their specifications. Not everyone has a pick and place machine in their garage.

This Patreon is dedicated to my YouTube channel that focuses on documenting my design process and sharing the knowledge I have acquired about creating and manufacturing electronics. Additionally, I hope to create a platform for others interested in electronics and open source software and hardware to exchange ideas and hang out with like minded individuals.

The money raised through this Patreon will help me find the time and resources to create more live streams and videos as well as other types of documentation about the electronics creation process.

Thank you for your support!

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