Active Witness

Community-led research collective for those who experienced intrusive abuse early in life

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Active Witness is a community-led research collective designed for those who experienced intrusive abuse (i.e., child or teen sexual abuse) early in life. The Active Witness Collective provides individuals with the opportunity to contribute critical insights and best practices without having to identify themselves or be subjected to the reactions or comments of others.

The Active Witness Collective has been created to crowdsource information that can lead to a more accurate and nuanced understanding of the threat and impacts of child sexual abuse. Active Witnesses can use the collective to explore and amplify the specific coping skills, habits and practices they have developed to support them in living healthy, peaceful and joyful lives. Collective members can provide insights, blog, contribute artwork, and participate through custom collective surveys. All site visitors can learn from the curated resources provided on Active Witness, and from the knowledge offered by members of the collective.

Active Witness uses patent-pending technology to enable former victims of child or teen sexual abuse to put their own hard-won wisdom to public benefit, while sparing them unwanted public or personal attention.


ActiveWitness entrou há 2 anos.

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