Creation of videos about Libre softwares and the didactics of online teaching/learning.

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I'm fond of free* softwares and online teaching/learning and I decided to share my knowledge through videos that I make alone. With the rise of online teaching, it's crucial to sensitize as many teachers as possible to the problematics linked to proprietary softwares, that's why I decided to start these videos. I strive to produce good quality videos from a visual point of view with a real substance, by bringing within reach free softwares and forefront didactic notions to my audience. Donations help me in two different ways: - Small donations, like 0.12 euros per week (10 euros altogether), kind of pay for the tea, and keep my motivation high. That's what I need. - Bigger donations help me to spare more time for making videos. Making one single video takes me around 2 full days. If my content is valuable to you and you want me to go on publishing on a regular basis, or publish more regularly, that's a great incentive. Also, on a technical ground, I have to make a choice between private classes and making videos. My videos are entirely made with free* softwares, I often create English subtitles for my videos and I publish them under a CC-BY-NC licence (Creative Commons, author, non-commercial). *Free as in freedom, as you've probably already understood.

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