OSArch - Open Source Architecture

OSArch - Open Source Architecture

OSArch recebe € 2,26 por semana de 3 patronos. Objetivo: € 15,00
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OSArch - Open Source Architecture is working on creating a built environment with free software, increased transparency, and a more ethical approach

OSArch is for the architects, engineers, designers, builders, planners, operators, and you.

Read all about us at

This account is currently just to cover infrastructure costs for servers, domains, etc. The funds go directly to the members who pay for our infrastructure.

Feel free to donate as much as you wish but donations above the listed goal will not be drawn until we have a specific cost and raise the goal. We will form a legal organization in the future and all funds will then be directed there.

If you can see we have met our goal then consider instead supporting the many software projects that are furthering our aims take a look at our Donation Directory and see if your favorite project is represented there.

As more donations arrive we will look into providing additional free services to our supporters, these could include:

  • Dedicated BigBlueButton hosted video conferencing.
  • Dedicated test server for speckle. Speckle sells hosting so it would only be a test server.
  • Dedicated test server for BIMServer for you to play with.
  • Better learning experience maybe with Moodle or edX.
  • the list will keep growing


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OSArch tem 2 patronos públicos.

Gustavo N Ramires
€ 0,69/semana
Anton Tetov
SEK 2,90/semana


OSArch entrou há 2 anos.

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