Multipotentialite pursuing curiosity in the face of "practicality". New Renaissance for a new time.

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First and foremost, a big thank you to all supporters.

About me

I'm a multipotentialite (thanks for the term, Emilie Wapnick), which is another way of saying "polymath", but I prefer the new word for various reasons. Basically, I have a wide array of interests, knoweldge, and (ever-developing) skills. Cryptocurrency, tech, politics/society, futurism, writing (blogging, stories, poetry), language learning, music, philosophy, and more. Join me on the journey.

Why "Renaissance"?

There are two reasons why I've decided to call this "The Renaissance Project". First is for everything I just described above. Another term for "polymath" is "Renaissance Man" (or "Person"). Though I don't claim to be in the same league as da Vinci, for example, the idea fits. The second reason is because I feel that we're on the precipice of a completely new era in human history. Just as the Industrial Revolution completely reshaped society, I feel that the technology we have and are developing is going to radically alter how we live. This includes things such as AI, automation, blockchain and similar tech (which underly cryptocurrencies), and more. Along with all that comes drastic political, economic, and societal changes. In short, we are on the brink of a "rebirth", hence the French word for rebirth, "renaissance".

So, while I'll be producing tons of content based on my various interests, I'll also be giving insights, thoughts, and the like into this new world, the things that can delay or destroy it, and general commentary on contemporary and developing issues. Your support helps me do all that, and also let's me know that the work I do is valuable. You can catch me in various places, such as YouTube/DTube, DSound, Steemit, Medium, and Twitter.


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