Through streaming, I re-ignite your love for Warcraft 2 and other old strategy games. And more!

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Hello wonderful people! You probably already know I absolutely adore and miss strategy and tactical games that feature interesting yet simple space management. Help me share that love worldwide!

Through my different channels I intend to grow a community big enough that we can revive the love for these games that feature unique and intelligent ways to deal with space overall. Starting with Warcraft 2.

On the side I am also developping my own RTS game which will feature an in depth and very assumed tile / grid based world as well as unrealistic yet satisfying old mechanics while still providing good looking modern graphics.

There are so many things I would love to be able to do and so little means to keep it all up. This is where Liberapay comes into play: Through here you can help me continue investing my time and efforts into better looking videos and live streams while also supporting the developpment of my game.

Thank you for even considering helping me through this fantastic journey filled with love for good old gameplay features and more!

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