Babak Gholamzadeh

I'm a JavaScript programmer who is going to other people to understand the programming concepts

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As a programmer, I intend to create some free and open source library and projects that other folks can use them easily. And also I'm writing articles and publishing books to help people to understand the programming concepts deeply and simply. My main passion is to help others to have a better understanding of the world around them.

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implement-git-with-nodejs 0 Atualizado 9 meses atrás

Implementing Git (distributed version control system) with Node.js

hex-reader 1 Atualizado 10 meses atrás

A cli application for reading a file content or a string value into Hex format

log-style 4 Atualizado 10 meses atrás

Customize the style of logged message

light-promisify 1 Atualizado 10 meses atrás

Convert any callback function to Promises with the node-style callback (error-first pattern)

implement-async-await 2 Atualizado 10 meses atrás

Implementing the async/await pattern from scratch

Understanding-the-Core-Ideas-of-Promise-by-Implementing-it-in-JavaScript 5 Atualizado 1 ano atrás

A book that explains the implementation of promise in detail

implement-promise 0 Atualizado 1 ano atrás

Implementing the promise pattern in JavaScript from scratch (step by step)

count-up 1 Atualizado 1 ano atrás

This is a JS pluging for counting up in an element that require jQuery.

animate-typing 2 Atualizado 1 ano atrás

This is plugin to animate typing that require jQuery to work

get-url-parts 1 Atualizado 1 ano atrás

Get the parts of the current URL

convert-csv-json 1 Atualizado 1 ano atrás

Some function to convert the content of CSV file to json and vice versa



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