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donate a life coaching session to a youth in need

caseyjoloos recebe CA$ 1,97 por semana de 2 patronos. Objetivo: CA$ 200,00
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donate a session to a youth in need who may not currently have the privilege for or access to support.

coaching and other modalities of healing or mental health support is unaffordable for many people. the frustration is that, in western society, there is a distinct division created between physical health and mental health, but they are so often intertwined and truly connected that there is really only health. our current systems are not set up that allows people who need it the most to have access to that support, for their health, on all levels; many young people do not have access to the support that they need. it is part of my coaching practice to support others who may be marginalized. at this time, i am grateful to offer free coaching support for any youth in need thanks to your generous and thoughtful donations. if you’re in a position to contribute or help, 100% of the funds goes towards honouring youth in need in our community that need support via session.

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