Expert Plus

3D Artist (using a fork of Blender called K-CyclesX), privacy-focused and enjoy listening to music!

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I'm known as Expert Plus and you've probably seen me already on YouTube, Mastodon, Twitter, Discord (Revolt and Matrix too!!!) and other places on the Internet.

Back in 2014, I already knew what Internet is, but started using only back in 2018.

I started to care about my privacy in 2020-2021 - I don't remember actually when I started.

I hate anime stuff, so, I am polite focused and have my points on.

I prefer to be anonymous, since it's dangerous for me to be public those times that we live in today.

I'm not adult, but I am becoming adult, just 17 years old currently.

I hate NSFW.

I guess, I didn't expect to see you here, so you might wondering: why on the Earth do I have a Liberapay account?

Well here is an answer: I currently live in home with my parents, but as far as I grown, I'll need money. Of course, I am already looking for a job.

Currently I don't need money, not so much :-) I even don't have any account for money being connected (e.g PayPal), but I'll will do so, if I'll need to do so.

So, by donating to me money, you'll support my, you'll not support my content, since I am not video/content creator. I just post toots on my Mastodon and that's it :-)

Actually, I made an account on Liberapay, to just discover what it is and - probably? - link it verified on my Mastodon account.

I'm just an average person, who enjoys Surfing The Net :-)

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