Ferdinand Mütsch

I love building open-source stuff and coffee is my fuel

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Hi! 🙋‍♂️

I'm Ferdinand from Karlsruhe, Germany and formerly (until early 2020) CS student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 🎓. I started building software in 2012 and since found a true passion. Not only do I code for work, but also as a hobby for myself. Most of the time it happens that I create some library, tool, etc. for myself – just because there was a need and nothing that would fit it – and then open-source it, hoping that others may find it helpful, too. Same for blog articles: when I have spent a considerable amount of time on researching a certain topic, I really want to share my knowledge with anyone like-minded.

I love both to maintain my own GitHub projects, collaborate with voluntary contributors and contribute to other software 🤓. But, as you may imagine, contributing to open-source and maintaining a tech blog is astonishingly time-consuming. Getting a little bit of appreciation in form of donations can tremendously boost motivation to keep coding even after work.

I don't have a specific goal in mind, but I would love to have a small monthly income through donations, at least just enough to host my projects and satisfy my ☕️ addiction 😃. Every donation is appreciated! Thank you! 🙏

If you are interested in reading about why donations are important, I'd like to encourage you to check out my blog post:

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wakapi 1149 Atualizado esta semana

📊 A minimalist, self-hosted WakaTime-compatible backend for coding statistics

anchr 160 Atualizado esta semana

⚓️ Anchr provides you with a toolbox for tiny tasks on the internet, especially bookmark collections

kitsquid 14 Atualizado há 4 semanas

🐙 Alternative course catalog for Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

telepush 424 Atualizado há 2 meses

🤖 A simple bot to translate JSON HTTP requests into Telegram push messages

mininote 214 Atualizado há 2 meses

📔 A simple, self-hosted, encrypted Markdown note-taking editor

telegram-expense-bot 42 Atualizado há 3 meses

A bot that helps you manage and track your daily expenses.

website-watcher 45 Atualizado há 9 meses

🕵️‍♀️ Naively watch websites for changes on regular intervals.

anchr-android 36 Atualizado há 1 ano

📱 Android client for link collections, built with Flutter

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