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Hello World, Welcome to my liberapay page. I'm a researcher (Chemist) by Profession, who also made a number of android applications designed with an aim to improve the overall experience of average users. All of my works are free and open-source (please checkout sunilpaulmathew). Moreover, all of my applications are made with a special focus on the privacy (please read Privacy Policy) of end-users. As a result, my applications only demands very necessary permissions to offer an enjoyable ad-free experience to users.

If you enjoyed my work and like to appreciate me for providing all of them (more than 10 applications at the time of last updating this page on February 16, 2021) entirely free, non-intrusive and without Ads, please consider supporting the development of my projects in some way. Maintaining all these projects takes the most majority of free time in my life. So, each and every support from the android community will be hugely appreciated. To know more about my works, please visit my developer page or personal web-page.

An incomplete list of android applications that are actively maintained and available in Google Play or/and F-Droid

SmartPack-Kernel Manager

SmartPack-Kernel Manager is the ultimate application to manage your kernel. This free and open-source application offers more control than any other apps available in the market, including the paid ones.

Play-Store : F-Droid

Package Manager

Package Manager is a highly powerful app to manage both system and user apps installed on an android device.

Play-Store : F-Droid

APK Explorer & Editor (AEE)

An open-source APK explorer/Editor & Split APK/App bundle Installer for Android.

Play-Store : F-Droid


An application using the power of Magisk to de-bloat unwanted applications systemless-ly.

Play-Store : F-Droid

The Translator

A simple application to help translate android apps.

Play-Store : F-Droid

BusyBox Installer

A one-click BusyBox installation utility for Android.

Play-Store : F-Droid

Kernel Profiler

The easiest way to tweaks your kernel.

Play-Store : F-Droid

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IzzyOnDroid 32 Atualizado há há 2 meses

An unofficial client for IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository!

De-Bloater 344 Atualizado esta semana

An application using the power of Magisk to debloat unwanted system apps!

Translator 94 Atualizado há há 4 meses

An android application to help translate other apps

sNotz 56 Atualizado há há 7 meses

An open-source, privacy-friendly, and completely offline application to manage notes


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